Enviro Quick Hits

Working on a number of long posts. In the meantime, enjoy these environmental news quick posts:

Environmental regulators at work (via Drudge Report): Business Gets $4,000 Fine for a Missing Trashcan Lid

Kicking our butts in the solar game: Germany’s Solar Power Use Jumps 50 Percent

Someone else wondering why we let sewage flow into our rivers: Fecal Matters

Paul Greenberg on our mistreatment of the American oyster: An Oyster in the Storm

An answer is only as good as the question: Pennsylvania Agency Didn’t Mention Water Pollution Near Fracking Site Because No One Asked


Enviro Quick Hits

One step closer to industrial hemp: Paul Ryan Endorses Medical Cannabis

Oil and the environment go together?: North Dakota Booming On Oil, Tourism

Stop gaffing my Tarpon! Major Victory for Save The Tarpon

Is this the end for Iberian Trout? (H/T Midcurrent): 100 Years Until Iberian Trout Extinct

Someone shares our aesthetics: Power Lines Are an Ugly Blot on the Landscape