Brian SweatlandFree the Commons! is dedicated to the reform of public land and environmental laws in the United States. The Free the Commons! philosophy is based on the Roman/Common Law tradition of the environment as a public good: these things – the air, the waters, and wildlife – are owned by no one but belong to us all. Free the Commons! is about changing our relationship with the natural world and reforming our laws so that these common goods can fulfill the functions to which they are best suited.

As to me, I would describe myself as a mix of social libertarian, small government conservative, and Aldo Leopold/Edward Abbey (minus the blown up dams) conservationist. I am new to blogging but long to public land management, having kicked around the nation’s capitol and the western U.S. in employ of our public lands and those who make the rules. I developed my outdoor ethic and conservation philosophy on Mud Creek, the greatest fishery in the Midwest. I turned my childhood love into a profession, my profession turned me into a critic, and now I am here to convince you we do it all wrong.


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