Using CO2 to Light our Streets!

I’ll be the first to tell you – I despise street lamps. Please don’t babysit me! I want to see the stars at night! But then comes along a concept I love. Futuristic. Sci-Fi. Visually stunning. The kind of thinking we need more of (of which we need more?). If we have street lamps, let them look and work like this! I Stumbled Upon this page just now, and I love it:

Carbon dioxide comes from seemingly everywhere. It is emitted from the exhaust pipes of vehicles, the generation of electricity, and even the exhale of every living creature on the planet.

It’s not all evil, however. Without CO2, plants would not generate oxygen for us to breathe.

Borrowing a page from plant-life’s book, Peter Horvath, a Hungarian Designer, has come up with the BioLamp street lamp concept.

FutureTech says,

“The Biolamp consists of a liquid, alga combined with water that transforms CO2 into O2­. This street lamp called Biolamp is also completed with a pump for sucking the smog.”

Here’s a visual representation, which I really like. Natural, earthy, organic; no more metal light posts!

Cool. Just cool.


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