Free the Commons! 100th Post!!!

Wow, who knew I was such a wordy bastard? Thank you WordPress, thank you dear readers for the opportunity!

I thought to write something deeply profound, deeply spiritual and moving and lasting for my 100th post. And as I sat down to write, I realized that others had already written it, and I know who they are, and I could share them with you! So here are two blogs that I enjoy immensely. These two blogs bring me a bit of happiness, serenity, and joy each day. And I want to share them with you in case some of you, like me, find a bit of bliss in them.

The first blog is The Horse’s Mouth, by Joe, and looks like this:

And this:

The second blog that is a must-read for me is by Taru, and is titled World Tour Stories, and feels like this:

And here is Taru again, saying to you this:

If you’re a romantic you’ll love Taru’s site. I’ve a series of screensavers that I’ve lifted from her blog. And Taru’s wordsmything is truly enjoyable: honest and salty and blissful. Don’t miss her ‘About Us‘ page, which I copied down long-hand in my journal because it spoke so strongly to me.

I hope that these sites bring a bit of joy, or extra joy, to your days!


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