On Writing This Blog

Thanks to those of you who tolerate my writing. I wanted to start a blog on environmental policy – this blog – for so long, but I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t write because I wanted every word to be perfect, every sentence to be properly constructed, every argument to be heavily footnoted and irrefutable. I was paralyzed by the desire to make the perfect argument every time.

Those are lost years when I could have been blogging, putting my voice and perspective and personality out there for others to read and enjoy or critique as they saw fit. My writing today is loose and free-form in nature. I often write “off the cuff” as it were, writing what comes to mind, without a lot of editing and pouring over details. I don’t include citations and footnotes unless absolutely necessary: this isn’t meant to be a scientific journal blog. I eventually will offer some longer essay-style arguments that will be footnoted and tightly written. But in the meantime my intent is to get my voice out there, to keep the arguments flowing, and hopefully, eventually, to generate a very organic, original discussion about environmental and public land policy in this country.

So, in light of my last blog post about mountaintop coal mining – a blog post that contained a lot of arguments not backed by citations, and some writing that I deem to be emotion-based – I want you to know that I mean no disservice to you. I have no intent to slight you by not writing a more stringent, academically and scientifically rooted post. To a large extent I am asking you to trust me, to trust my character and what I present as my qualifications in the about me section on the blog. And I want to thank you for allowing me to do this: it means a tremendous amount to me to have this liberty, to be able to blog.


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