Back from Vacation

Hello all! I’m back from the annual family vacation. This year we toured the great state of Oregon. Beautiful place, Oregon. I love that high desert country of rock and pine around Bend. What a great town that is too. The Columbia River Gorge is just fantastic to travel through on Interstate 84. I should have taken some photos of that area, particularly the massive wind turbines, but I was on driving duty. Spectacular views though. Spent some time at the beach as well, getting blown around by the 30 mph Pacific breeze. Also visited Crater Lake, which now is one of my top five favorite national parks.

Any national park fans out there? I’ve visited roughly 240 National Park System units. I ran up the numbers while I worked back in DC – there are a lot of small parks back east. Nearly every year we road trip as a family and visit at least a few, if not several national parks. My favorite parks so far, not in any order, are Glacier in Montana, Mount Rainier in Washington, Crater Lake in Oregon, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the small parks near Flagstaff, AZ, particularly Wupatki. I’ve enjoyed all the parks I’ve visited, but I find that these five parks are the ones I have visited most often, and want to visit again.

Now that the vacation is over, it’s back to blogging. Have I missed anything?


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