The Opportunity Costs of our Endless Environmental Debates

This is what I was talking about in my post below when I wrote that we need to consider the priorities, the really promising priorities, that are being neglected as we continue to waste time and money bickering about environmental debates to which we know the answers (yes, we know the answers). Here’s the clincher from the Discovery blog post I link to above:

There is no way you could’ve predicted beforehand that investing in NASA would have led to the creation of this specific innovation in life-saving technology. But it’s a rock-solid guarantee that investing in science always leads to innovations that have far-ranging and critical benefits to our lives.

Let’s stop investing in the lawsuits, the endless environmental studies written for the benefit of the litigants (not the owls, I promise you), the salaries of NEPA planners, and all of the bureaucratic dead weight. Far more important endeavours await us. And let me add this; many of those who are spinning their wheels working for the Forest Service and National Park Service and environmental organizations have far more to contribute to society – they are, after all, smart people – than to waste their lives in a cubicle filling out paperwork on the latest timber harvest that’s held up in court. We’ve built a system of rules and constructed an empire around that system so that we can follow the rules. It’s time to end the nightmare and invest in the future.


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