Germans Love Recycling, Just Not the Smell

A long, complicated chain of events brought me to this story, so I apologize for not providing hat tips to other bloggers. Out of Germany, a story about forgetting the first rule of life: All actions – even the most noble of actions – have consequences. Here’s a taste, so to speak:

Our [water] consumption has declined so much that there is not enough water going through the pipes to wash away fecal matter, urine and food waste, causing blockages. The inert brown sludge sloshes back and forth in the pipes, which are now much too big, releasing its full aroma.

The waterworks must now periodically flush their pipes and conduits. The water we save with our low-flow toilets is simply being pumped directly through hoses into the sewage system below. On some days, an additional half a million cubic meters of tap water is run through the Berlin drainage system to ensure what officials call the “necessary flow rate.”

Yuck. And also, do not treat environmentalism like blind faith, accepting all outcomes. Treat it like science, and understand the outcomes. The outcomes will be better for the planet that way.


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