Giant Cannibal Shrimp?

So, I’ve been reading stories like this for the past few days about the gargantuan monster tiger prawns that are invading U.S. waters. I think the story would be a lot better if these giant cannibal shrimp were the result of some horrible nuclear accident, but apparently they are just invasives from Asia.

I don’t know what to make of this, but I definitely appreciate the perspective that Ann Althouse brings to the story. Hey, if an invasive is edible, and more importantly, tasty, then eat it. Create a market. Go to town.

But I know firsthand the other side of the story. I worked at a national park where we spent an unbelievable amount of resources trying to prevent an infestation of Zebra mussels. And I lived back east when the dreaded snakehead fish made its first appearance. The real question is why our government keeps letting these things happen. I understand natural distribution of sea-farring species, but what about species imported for the exotic trades, like aquarium fish? Why do we allow this? Kudzu anyone?


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