Mind Your Mining at my Park Please

Here’s a Commons conundrum. To what purpose is the Grand Canyon best suited: Wilderness, or uranium mining? You think the answer is easy? Clear cut? No debate? Not with our public land laws. The Grand Canyon is surrounded by public lands that are open to mineral entry, exploration, and extraction. The numberone problem with our approach to land management is the policy of multiple use. Uranium mining on the edge of the Grand Canyon is a great example of where we, through our mistaken belief in our ability to control nature and plan for all negative externalities, place one too many priorities upon scarce resources (the land, the watershed, the Canyon). The inevitable result is that the greater good, the Canyon in my opinion, will suffer for the lesser need, uranium.

Interested in the issue? Visit Protectgrandcanyon.org for more information. Note that the site is maintained by the Center for Biological Diversity.


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