Hello world!

Ahhh, finally! I’ve reached the stage in life where either senility or hubris requires that i share my random thoughts with the entire unsuspecting world!

I give you “Free the Commons!” This is my blog about the mismanagement and destruction of our common resources: land, air, oceans, wildlife, you know, the essential elements of Earth and ecosystem that belong to one and all.

I have a serious end in mind: i’m writing to change the world. The world being largely unchangeable, i’m willing to settle for changing the laws through which we manage the world, or at least our public lands and the environment. By change i mean not attitudes toward, nor understanding of, but rather the wholesale discarding and rewriting of our nation’s environmental laws. It’s through this blog that i intend to make my case and offer my solutions for this change.

I’m neither a deep ecologist nor anti-capitalist nor animal liberator. Actually, i’m rather libertarian. What i am is alarmed at the mismanagement of our resources, and knowledgeable enough to state a case for change.

My guiding philosophy is this: Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove. So wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery, whose work “Wind, Sand, and Stars” is the most beautiful book i have ever read.

Our mismanagement and destruction of public resources is due to the ever-growing demands we place upon these resources. What we need to do is stop adding – adding law and policy and market solutions and new uses in the name of protecting the environment – and focus instead on defining the nature of these things we need to preserve, and then let them be.

It’s going to take some explaining, but in doing so i promise not to be over-serious, to write often (occasionally while intoxicated), to stay on topic, and to read comments (if you read me, i’ll read you!). And i promise to have a little fun here and there.


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